Differences Between Male And Female Players

At the beginning of the gambling industry, the players in casinos and other similar establishments were exclusively men. Over time, the situation has changed and in the online casino environment, equality has come, so to speak.

According to most casino sites, the number of male and female players in their audience is about the same. However, players of different genders often have different gaming habits, approaches to the game, and different preferences in the choice of entertainment. Today we asked ourselves an unusual question: what are the main differences between male gamblers and female online casino lovers.

Who Plays More?

The most obvious question in our mini-study is: who plays more, more often and longer in online casinos – men or women? As we indicated above, on average, gamblers are found equally often among both sexes. According to the statistics of the largest sites, about 56.2% of their users are men, while the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in the gambling environment are about 43.8%.

Which Casino Games Do Men Play And Which Women Do?

According to statistics, men usually prefer to play games with a strategic approach, also called skill games . This category of games includes live casino roulette malaysia, blackjack, online poker, sports betting. Such games cause a burst of energy, an adrenaline rush into the blood, and also require some experience and skill in creating strategies. At the same time, it is believed that women are more likely to enjoy so-called games of luck, such as roulette, bingo, lottery, scratch cards .

When did online casinos appear slot machines, they have become quite popular among female players and the second most popular type of game for them after the games of luck mentioned above. 

Women are also attracted by the section of sports bets and bets on non-sports categories. 

Deposits And Winnings

Another interesting observation regarding online casino players of different genders is how men and women treat deposits while playing in casinos. Men, on average, play more often and bigger, while women make bets less often and, if I may say so, more deliberately.

Men place their bets quickly and often close their accounts, changing from one casino to another. At the same time, women are seen as more loyal and more long-term players. Men make one, two or three bets and never return to the casino, while women become loyal players for months or even years.

Usually, women stay in the casino they like, while men hunt for the best bonuses in other casinos.

One Habit, Different Approaches

In the modern world, both men and women are equally fond of gambling, but they often choose different paths and ways of playing.

Men are more likely to try to come up with a strategy for playing blackjack or sports betting, as well as making money betting. Women see online casino gambling as a hobby and a pleasant pastime.